Cut holes in a plane?

How do I cut a hole in a plane? Like for a window how would I make a hole in the plane?

I would personally extrude the plane (then resize to the size of the window) then delete the newly extruded face… voila… hole.

There are several ways, but what needs to be done is the same in all cases.

This will give you the idea:

In Object Mode, select the plane. Press Tab to get to Edit Mode. Press A once or twice so that all four vertices of the plane are selected. Press W and choose ‘Subdivide’. Do that once or twice more. Click the little triangle on the 3D View’s menu bar, then select one or more of the faces in the middle of the plane. Press X --> Delete Faces.

You now have a hole.

What you’ve done, really, is to break the plane up into multiple, connected planes. You can use the knife cut tool or boolean operations or any number of other modelling tools to shape the plane.

Hope this helps.

Thank you that is very helpful.