Cut Holes in mesh

I try to make 4-6 cooling holes in my brake disk and need a tutorial how to do this
Do you know where I can find one.
Thanks in advance

Use ‘Boolean modifier’ to cut out holes using another mesh.

OK thanks Brenel. I have cut holes many time with bolean but not 4-6 in one mesh?

Yeah you can cut many holes at once even though boolean bugs sometimes .Try it by making four cylinders and joining them in one single mesh (ctrl +j) then apply boolean modifier on disc.

Interesting. Vill try
Thanks for helping

Alternatively, you can just cut one hole, delete three fourths of the brake disk, then use the mirror modifier on two axes to create the remaining holes.

Good call, jstapes! And lest we not forget about the spin modifier, with a little bit of math.

Before I try with jstapes Mirror. Brenel This dont work for me I I joining them together with Ctrl+J and add Bolean

Your blend with corrected boolean. Apply the boolean modifier to make the mesh real


BrakeDisc_.blend (483 KB)

OK you make the cylinder longer than the disc. Thanks Richard.

The cylinders also need to be a separate object which you select in the boolean modifier settings.

In blender 3d methods there’s this tool called a Shrink-wrap Modifier just apply on an 8-6 vertices circle and align with a cylinder edges? and pretty much apply and modify if need be! easier said than done! i had trouble the first time.
You should look at my WIP thread in Work in Progress… I wish i could render wire frames in Blender 2.61…

Yes I got everything to, work but every time I try to add a material on Cycle Blender 2.61 Blender blow up. Same with lux.

I wouldn’t use the Boolean modifier as it messes the Topo up sometimes.

You could just use the Bridge loop tool and connect an Circle to your brake.

I have been using Loop Tools lately. “Circle” is a good one. Just subdivide the ring to give you enough vertices for a circle, and select four and delete, “A” to “B”. Clean the outline to somewhat of a round shape “C”. Then just use Circle tool, “D”!


You could do the disc with curves instead, that way you don’t need the boolean steps and end up with a messy mesh :eyebrowlift:

  • In top orto view, add Curve->Circle
  • Tab into edit mode, add another Curve->Circle and scale it down (S .15)
  • With the new circle selected move it (G Y .6) Then copy it (Shift D)
    right click to release it, then move it (G Y -1.2)
  • Select both smaller circles by holding the mouse over them and hit (L)
    Duplicate them (Shift D) right click to release, rotate them 45 degrees (R 45)
  • Do this Duplicate and rotate with the last selected circles two times more exactly the same way
  • Tab out of edit mode and it should look like this
  • In the Curve Object Data tab set it to 2D and Extrude to something like 0.040 and set Bevel to 0.005 (unless you want it absolute sharp)
  • Finished :eyebrowlift2:

@Jakerlund @ridix @Wentzel

Really Nice tips! :yes:

Why does everyone always recommend the Boolean modifier? How is this guy supposed to use a Subdivision modifier on the brake disk after the boolean?

This is a really simple shape an it should not take much to model it in a matter that can be subdivided
Here is a video of me modeling a brake disk.

Hope this helps.

I am sort of learning as well :frowning: i didn’t knew of those loop tools.

there is supposed to be a new boolean tool added in latest SVN
which is supposed to work much better then the older ones!

so if anybody seens thos one let us know !

happy 2.6