Cut mesh in specific part

Hi! I’m trying to understand the best workflow for cutting a model in a specific part, as if I was cutting it with a knife. Right now, I’m manually selecting faces, deleting them, and then joining the leftover vertexes.


you could use the Bisect tool !

or if only temp then can use the cross cut with Alt- B key

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Bisect is awesome! --I can think of some things that might enhance it:

  1. First Use should default to either “Clear Inner” or “Clear Outer” so the user can easily see that something is happening.

  2. Something similar to Loop Cut’s (another favorite) multiple slices that would allow users to make several simultaneous cuts into a mesh

  3. Allow users to designate and/or snap-to a reference object that would define the start and vector of the bisection.

Well worth mastering. :+1:

Huh? (10char)

sorry did a mistake it is Shift B
have you ever use the Shift B function in blender
to see cross section ?

there is also an addon to make cross section
but has to be one object

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