cut mesh----keep vertex colors

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straight to my question:
I have modeled the interior of department store to simulate indirect lighting.
I did this with radiosity calculation. I now have a mesh with vertex colors applied which looks good. I now need to cut the mesh along a straight line. When I do this either with slice tool or boolean operation the mesh looses all its vertex colors.

How can I cut a mesh keeping its vertex color information???

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only one thing to do. UV map it and use JMSs UV paint script to bake the vertex colors into a UV mapped image, and then load the image back onto the model after editing the mesh. ( of course you will have to hand paint the bits that weren’t there when you made the map. )

Theeth fixed the Knife tool for 2.37 so vert colours and UV’s are not messed up, you could knife and deleate the verts on one side of the cut.

  • Cam

Thank you cambo
yes the knifetool in 2.37 works nicely!

I have not tried your proposal, Modron I will check it out later.
Thanks anyway!!!