Cut my thumb badly

I cut my right thumb on a bit of glass yesterday. I went to the hospital, and found out that my tendon was severed clean through. Now I need surgery in the next few days, so my folks are looking for a hand surgeon. For now I have a splint to keep my thumb from moving. No video games for me! But typing is kind of easy.

I have some pics here (caution: blood and gore…sort of):

Sorry for large pics…and as another warning, not for those that are sissies at heart.

Oh, ouch. I hope you feel better :slight_smile:

You are quite a strange person by the looks of it, hope your opperation goes well and your thumb gets better.


that way they can tell you to take it up with china and we can have a big argument about it.

I cut myself with some glass on a Samsung DvD player circuit board.

I’m not really strange, I just “posed” for the photos.

Hehehe… Would you really call it an argument, or would you call it biased biggotry? :wink:

I’ll take your word for that.

you can still game just use your finger tips instead of your thumb. I’m a die hard tekken player and that is how I and many others play. Two fingers beat the thumb.

I thought this was a forum to discuss blender art. Why would you post this on here; isnt that what myspace, or medical exam forums are is for? lets reduplicate his lasserated thumb in 3d! to make it lagit, or set up physics properties for blood and gore. or not. its a good addition to an injury list in any case good luck regaining full use of it.

This is just the off-topic section. You obviously haven’t been here for long, which means you haven’t seen what gets posted in this section. This section is for stuff that has nothing at all to do with 3d art.

the first pics my favorite, i have it as my desktop now

I cut myself with some glass on a Samsung DvD player circuit board.

How did you cut yourself with that? Because that looked like a deep cut, what were you doing?

reference material!!

Oh the humanity! Well at least it wasn’t your other thumb.:slight_smile:

Le ouch! That looks painful man!

My little sister was bitten by a dog once and it was so bad that the flesh was actually hanging off the finger, so just keep in mind that it could have been much worse. I hope you get better soon.

Good luck = )

I’ll go into more detail about how I cut myself.

I was trying to break an LED panel off of a circuit board, and it broke once while I was prying it off. I tried again, and this time the LED itself broke. This wouldn’t have been so bad, except it was made of glass. Force+speed+glass+thumb = Severed Tendon!

I sliced 3 tendons on my right hand. What made it suck extra bad, is that I play guitar. The range of motion is not, or will ever be like it would have, if I had not had the accident, but the therapy was great…And the nurses were hot…lol.

I play guitar, finger pick well, rock climb, play piano…I still stretch em well before playing, though.

Just don’t move it AT ALL, or the tendon could curl in more and they’ll have to slice more to get at it.

Good news! We found a doctor. I’m going in at 9:15 tomorrow morning for an evaluation or something. The doctor will do surgery on Friday at the earliest.

The only problem is that the doctor is 40 miles away, all the way in Salem. Oh well.

Ouch on the severed tendon. I am assuming you are right handed… on the bright side you will learn to be ambidextrous soon.

yikes! that has got to hurt! (well no suprises there) and it could be me next because you look like me!