cut out people doesn't show transparancy

2 women, same setup. same PNG but the women on the right doesn’t show transparancy. What is wrong? Please have a lookat.
Thanks for your reply!


cutoutpeople.blend (1.97 MB)

same PNG
No. They are different image textures

The image texture does not have any transparency

The alpha channel of each texture. Image on the right is 100% all opaque

Therefore in your material node system the mix factor is 1 (white) for all the texture so it is 100% the lower shader input (100% the diffuse shader)

sorry but this women does have transparancy,…

…However you could cheat a bit:

Mmm…well thank you!:)…but it shood be working out of the box…wy doesn’t it work?

Seems to be an issue with the PNG itself: After opening it in Photoshop and immediately saving it again it works as expected… What software was the file created in?

Use this image

In Gimp i had to recreate layer mask and apply it, only then image would show mask in Blender.

I found the pictures here;
It is probably a faulty PNG, thanks for your help!:slight_smile:

Well, after some testing; when I import some PNG files in version 2.70 it works out of the box:(. When I save and open the file in version 2.74 it is correct…


Interesting. Somebody might have thrown out the baby… Blender has changed transparency knobs several times since 2.70. Then again - PS had always had issues with pngs and transparency. Not a native format, i guess. One have to use proper ones ;).