Cut Polygons with New Shape

I’m just learning “Curves”. In creating the letter A with bezier curves, I created a separate loop for the interior hole of the letter. My plan was to then just delete the hole polygons after converting the curve into a mesh (with Alt + C in object mode).

However, when I converted the curve into a mesh, the hole polygons were (apparently) just overlaid on top of the larger part of the letter. So when I deleted the hole’s polygons, the space behind it was still filled in.

So, is there a way to basically cut the surrounding polygons off where the shape is? This would be like a Knife cut, I think, but obviously more precise.

Thanks as always.

If you joined the two curves (Ctrl+J) before converting to a mesh you would get the hole you want. Depending on your final result you want, you may not need to convert to a mesh.

It’s done now, but I’m about 80% sure that I did join them even before converting them to meshes. And still, there’s no hole.

So then, now that they ARE meshes, is there a way to, for instance, use the Loop Select tool (Alt + L) and then enter a new command which automatically makes cuts in the surrounding areas?

Boolean modifier

Thanks for the link and the reference.

It didn’t work initially, but that’s because you can apparently only use the Boolean Modifier with 3D meshes. Mine was originally just on a flat plane. After I extruded the two shapes, and THEN applied the Boolean modifier to the A-hole (really!), I was able to delete it.

Here’s a YouTube video with a quick demo of this modifier:

In the future, so you don’t end up with a giant pain in the butt, it would be easier to make the letters with a 2D curve like you started with (I hope they were 2D curves) and while in edit mode on the same curve add another closed curve and the shape will be automatically subtracted from the first one. Kinda like this…

You don’t have to use a circle as the curve of course, they just have to be closed, that’s all.

Ah! This works very well. (For anybody who ends up at this in future searches, note that you have to be in Edit Mode rather than Object Mode when you add the second Curve. AJM said this, but I glazed over it initially.)

Thanks, AJM.

Additionally, Blender has a Text to 3D function that could be usefull to you

In Object Mode click Add -> Text
Go to Edit Mode and like for a text editor delete the word “Text”
To change the font, you’ll notice that in the right panel there is now a " F " icon.
It will allow you , along other very usefull settings, to load your prefered font

Now type your words/letters
Once you are finished, go to Object Mode and click on Object -> Convert -> Mesh from Curve/Meta/Surf/Text

(I’m not that much of a novice! I was making a customized type of text, so stock fonts wouldn’t work.)