Cute Animation

I found this animation on youtube. Its ‘nothing special’, but its just so damn cute and the story is original too. I thought id post it:)

look like 10 post down in off topic:


This is now the third post within 24 hours time span.

What is it with people posting duplicate threads, random animations they find and stupid forum games. No offence yoeri.

Yes, this is a great animation, but do your homework man! This has been posted 2 other times! sigh It’s on the front page of youtube, how could anyone NOT see it?

It’s like 2 months old also. I don’t get why it’s so popular now?

Probably because youtube finally featured it… It deserves the fame, it’s the greatest animation I have ever seen (even in its simplicity). The story definitely beats any other short film, and the animation is fairly good also.