"Cute but Dangerous"

Scene created with Blender 2.77 and rendered in Cycles for “CG Weekly Challenge” with the topic “Cute but Dangerous”.
Amanita muscaria.
Particles has been used in Several areas.
A bit “Post-Prod” in PS.
Ah! and care, remember they are dangerous! :slight_smile:

AO Render:

Render Layer only (no comp, no Post-Prod):

I hope you like!

HelloNacho Cruje,
This scence looks very nice!!! I think you have a reached a very realistic style which I like…
The lighting is very good and therefore fly agaric is emphasized. Moreover the depth of field is very good focused…
One criticism, I think the gras is too static due to the fact that the blades of grass are growing almost vertical and I think gras do not grow vertical in a forrest…
But overall nice work!!!

Best regards Karstem

I wanna poke it

Thanks @Karstem and care @bojo600 :slight_smile: