Cute clown !

Maybe not so cute. . . :o

I didit this last week, more or less seven days working after office. . . enjoying my free time.

hope you like

Blender internal - 2.48a - gimp

Timelapses of the entire prosess soon, meanwile this extrac not edited from the beginnig.

(once again, excuse my english ;))

Edit this post to place the last update of the cute clown and a link to download de .blend file :wink: hope you like

Cute clow 1050x1348
Blende File: [Cute clown (Box_18_ packed)]( Pack.blend)

Wow! Very impressive!

Only one crit: The paint chips on the forehead don’t look right. I’m not sure why but they look emobossed instead of indented.

Really nice though.

Comparing the chips on the forehead to the ones on the chin, the ones on the forehead seem to be shaded on the opposite sied. But other than that, it looks amazing.

woo!! great work

Thanks for comments,!!!
I have been trying to fix those after your comments, but i could not do it, I used a b/w png for the bump map, the only solution that a found was to change the lighting, at least my experience on 3d told me that unless blenders bump mapping would work in a different way compared to others 3d programs. … . im not sure but all try to study this case deeply for next renders.

yeah, it’s prolly just your lighting; it looks complex


Bueno, no es tan feo, solo es rarito :slight_smile: . Es lindo a su manera (como Alien, ese me encanta :wink: )
Me gusta como quedó el ojo :yes: , se ve “extrañamente” realista, pero le queda “bonito”.
De hecho la parte del ojo se ve un poco más “orgánica” que el resto. Fue a propósito?


Well, is not so ugly, is just weird :slight_smile: . It’s cute in it’s own way (Like Alien, I love that one :wink: )
I like the eye :yes: . It looks “strangely” realistic, but it looks “cute”.
In Fact, the area of the eye looks a little more “organic” that the rest. Was it on Purpose?

OH gee, thanks! I opened this thread expecting a cute little clown and had to change my underwear.


Creepy looking. Reminds me of the cover art for the band Dangerous Toys.

I subscribed to this thread so I keep coming back to it and the more I do, the more I like it. It’s a good composition and the concept is perfect. When you first look at it, you get this contrast between the clown and the sinister look on his face. And then there’s the whole mystery of what’s actually wearing the mask. Really good stuff, dude.

I think you should work on it a little more and see if u can make into the gallery or win a contest or something. Work on the lighting a little to try and clean up that issue with paint chips. And then work on getting some more realism into the surroundings (example: realistic beveling and bumping on the box; higher detail on the cloth; etc.).

Again though, good stuff :smiley:

He knew he shouldn’t. He might get in trouble. But he was temped by the box. Gingerly, he reached out and turned the clasp. He wanted to know what was in the box. He turned the clasp, and the lid flew open and a Clown popped out.

“Oh!” Ricky squealed and jumped back.

The clown just wobbled back and forth, and Ricky was mesmerized by the smooth, cyclical motion. And then Ricky noticed the eye. It was looking at him. At him. Ricky stared back. The eye seemed so…alive. Ricky nearly jumped out of his skin when the Clown spoke.

“Let me out of this box and I’ll give you some Candy. You want some Candy, Ricky, don’t you?” said a voice, coming from the Clown head. But the lips did not move. Ricky stumbled back, shaken that the clown could talk.

“Wha…Who…how did you know my name?” Ricky asked.

In a gruff, gravely, dry voice, the Clown said “Your mother told me, Ricky. She didn’t want to, at first, but then she told me. She told lots of things, Ricky. Lots of things about you. You want to know what they are, Ricky? Do you?”

Thanks for comment

Sip, la idea empezo de que salia de una caja, en algun punto del camino, perdi el rumbo y me vi esta cara, atras de la mascara, mirando de manera penetrante, igual lo tengo que mejorar un poco mas. TIene un material SSS. … . esto es mas o menos importante. . cambio a ingles :o That part, the eye area has an SSS compound material, its a node material, has a dermis, specular, and a overall without scatering that is the red paint, so it wasn´t an accident, all the info about the material is in the issue 16 of blender art magazine “WOW, Factor” ( also there is a thread around here. …

Thanks, I recommend to use a skirt, not so macho! but, talking from the experience :cool:, sometimes its better to handle some . … situations :smiley:

You are rigth!, This image shouldn´t be like this, unfinished.
I will, fix, clean up and polish some things, and leave this image, as a candidate for the gallery, at least I should try.

:eek: :yes:

Here is the WIP of the corrections that im doing to it. ill apreciate any good resource of bump for cloths, I didnt find any good bit map for it.

Nice work. The paint chip issue looks fixed. I’d work on adding a little grunge to the cloth and box so that they don’t stand out from the mask so much. As to resources, sorry, I’m not really a help there. Keep it up though…

That last one looks Great! :wink: .

Though, there’s still something about the “Bump” in the forehead. On the side it seems to be going “out”, & on the front it seems to be going “In”. :confused: But I can’t figure out why could it be hapening.

that bump is indeed a real chalenge to make it look perfect, but is not a normal bump or a displacement. .
Tthis is the last WIP, tomorrow night ill upload the final correccion and consider this project finished.

that looks a lot better. Great job on it. I’m presuming blender internal? Compositing nodes and all that stuff which is beyond me?

great job.

Too bad imageshack bombards me with spam and popups. (assuming it links to a larger version)

last update, and blend file enjoy

Bottom of first post, its a little bit hidden

Haha I was expecting a nice cuddly clown and I got something far less frightening. Really cool mood and atmosphere on this piece.



           凄い です よ!

& Thanks for the .blend. Gracias de verdad. 有り難う御座います。

“Cute” you say!? If I will see this thing looking at me in my dreams, I think I will need some sleeping pills to get me to sleep next time :slight_smile:

Well done man…really well done.