Cute hairless girl head... (my first head ever!)

Hello all

I just blended the whole day long and got something I just want to share with everyone as I really love it. This is my first ever try to create a head. I think it is quite good. (I used the manga ‘oh, my goddess’ as inspiration).

Today I learned to use armatures, empties, relative vertex keys, layers a.s.o… I love blender!

Now I just have to learn a simple method to get her hair! :slight_smile:

btw: I want to thank all the people who posted tutorials about blender on the net. I used them all a lot!

btw2: I hope, blender will return. Its the greatest prog on my computer!


–== Jerri ==–

Looks good, the head looks too small though.
Look through some manga drawing tutorials (I like Julie Dillon’s best, but there are some good ones at too) and you’ll get it just perfect I’m sure.
Nostrils and upper lip look like they could use some more modelling.

Eyes are good huge manga eyes :), eyelashes look like you could feel the breeze when she blinks.

  1. pofo

great stuff man, especially for your first head. =D

heh love her expression, great work.

Oh my Godess!!! :smiley:
it’s great man looks a lot like her, I can’t wait to see the hair! That is gonna be a challenge my friend. the proportions of the face don’t look quite right, but that is probably just the lack of hair…

wow, my first human took far longer than just one day and didn’t look anywhere near as good. Way to go! :stuck_out_tongue: