Cute Ice Cream Character

A cute character i created in Blender, rendered in cycles. Any form of criticism and/or tips is always really usefull and welcome! So please comment down bellow! :grin:


Cute! Did you see the ice cream monster with one eye?

The colors are nice and soft. I like the way you squished down the cherry on top like a hat.

The sprinkles remind me of the donut tutorial™, so I might try switching those out for little nuts like on Drumsticks. Or you could try not having anything, or you could try a layer of white dripping frosting (just like duplicating the ice cream part and scaling it down, rotating it, etc.)

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haha good eye, i reused the sprinkles from the donut and thanks ill try to make some frosting, good idea. without any sprinkles it looks rather dull tho.