cute little alien!

well im sure you can all tell just by this that im still new to blender, and im here looking for some constrictive criticism to help me become better with blender. i just made this little orange alien type thing im not really sure what it is lol. anyways the only thing that really bugs me about him is the mouth… i want to know how to make it blend in with the rest of it so its no so blocky like that i used 2 materials to make him if that helps… sorry if this is the wrong forum to ask for help.

Give it a nose and some arms and you have…

lmao XD i doubt i could do that but someone should totally make Mr. potato head in blender if not done already. thanks for the fast response btw.

Did you have your sphere for the eye smoothed out? I see its a bit jagged around the edges. If you havnt I would hit the set smooth button under editing. But otherwise it made me smile looking at it. Good work

thanks, and yes i did smooth both of the objects out i think it was just the way i used the sculpting tool that made it look like that. anyways can anybody answer my question from the first post? i want to add a body to go with him but it would be really nice to know how to be able to blend materials together first

if some one could please answer my question that would be great

Model it more carefully.

alright thanks for helping! i never would have guess lol. once again, thank you