Cute shark


Here is my newes artwork, “Cute shark”.
Based on a concept by Chris Ryniak

This was created for the weekly CG challenge.

Love it :yes:! I actually like it more than the concept because your version looks much more like a shark while keeping the cuteness.
Did you do some overpaint? Some areas (back, fin, gills) seem a bit blurry/out of focus?

Thank you! I used the concept as a base and made my choices during the sculpting process, It was a bit of trial and error, I also adjusted some elements to accent the spiral composition effect.

Did you do some overpaint?
I did use some post-processing in Photoshop with minor filter effects to make it pop more, I also had to do the god rays due to time constraints.

Some areas (back, fin, gills) seem a bit blurry/out of focus?
Yes, it is due to the use of depth of field, I had to use that exact amount so the background matches what I’m looking for, I’m also okay with loosing some details (regardless of how much time I spent in it :P), in fact I think it helps guide the viewer to the more important part, the eye.

I love it.
very nice sculpting and compositing

super nice work well done !

honestly I thought that was painted at first. Nice!

Just realized I didn’t comment on this before :smiley: To the first page with you!!
Again really nice work and I’m really looking forward to your next artwork :slight_smile:

Great lighting! I also love the colors and it looks so cute :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for the kind words! :smiley:
I’ll do my best to do better quality work in the future.


Looks awesome!