Cuting holes into circular surfaces


I’m new to blender and I’m still learning.
I want to cut a circular hole into a circular surface in two ways:
1. inside the circular surface - this is solved: I used bezier circle and I
convert the result into a mesh.
2. I want to cut circles into the circular surface from the outside
(like a bite from a disc surface). This one I can’t do.
I try to do that using boolean tools but with them I can only
add the “bite” to the surface I can’t substract the “bite” from the surface.

      I don't know  if I was clear with my request. I can make improvements if

you tell me where I was wrong.

Here’s one way to take a circular bite out of a circle.

Add a circle, duplicate it and scale it smaller. Position the smaller circle where ever you want the cutout to be. Note: the circumference of the small circle should intersect vertices of the larger circle. You may need to adjust the number of verts in the larger circle, or rotate it, to position the smaller circle exactly where you want it.

Select the verts on both circles to cut, and erase them.

Select the end verts of both circles, two at a time, and connect them with make face (type f)

You now have the outline

You can make the surface with Shift f, and get a bunch of triangular faces

Or you can fill the surface in quad by quad.

Thak you, I will try that.