Cutout Animation Tool - Blender

Looks like he started working on it:

Found this via Blenderdepot, it’s pretty cool to watch relevant github projects.


anyone install this addon in Blender 2.83 ? I do this and cant see addon inside of blender :confused: im work on win 10. In preferences addon panel COA tool have a warning info that I need upgrade Blender to 2.8 but it is 2.83 I try this on 2.80 and alpha 2.91 and still have the same info :confused:
help :slight_smile:

ok im find errros ands solution coa tool have 2 version one for Blender 2.79 and another for blender 2.80 and it works only with this two version.

I am in Blender 2.83.4 and am getting the same error “upgrade to 2.8x required”.
And of course there is no tab to access Coa Tools. Will this be fixed?

Any upgrade will be very welcome.
Thx in advance.

Are you planning to upgrade COA Tools to Blender 2.9x?

Soon DUIK for Blender will be released. No need for COA then anymore!

Alpha version tools are already available.

Thanks. This could be a cool addon. However, to be honest, personally I’m not interested in promises from developers anymore, just a working app.

Cool! Thank you! and it looks like drawing code works again