(KarbonCopy) #1

ok, can anyone tell me how you cut out a part of an object?

Like if i have a single plane, and i want to cut a circle out of the plain so that its like a plane with a circlular hole in it. and ther is nothing in the hole.

(meestaplu) #2

That is really easy if you use Bezier (the ‘e’ is supposed to have an accent on it) curves. Add a curve, and convert it to a polyline by pressing ‘Poly’ in the editbuttons. Ctrl + Left mouse click adds control points, and C toggles cyclic (open/closed). In this way, you can easily make a square exactly like the conventional planar mesh.

You can then add a Bezier circle inside your closed polyline, resulting in a circular cutout. The same applies for adding any closed curve inside another closed curve; this is a really useful technique for making disc brakes and other regular shapes filled with holes.


(KarbonCopy) #3

well say I want to make an arched doorway.
How do i cut out an arch shape out of the wall.

(S68) #4

Blender 2.23 and previous ones have somewhat faulty booleans.

Using booleans, which is the way to use IF booleans were working smoothly would be:

1 - Take your wall

2 - draw a mesh the shape you want to cut out

3 - place it where the cut will be It must go through the wall and protude from both sides

4 - SAVE!!!

5 - Join the two meshes, swithc to EditMode, select all, in the Edit window locate the ‘Intersect’ button, press it.

6 - IF Blender Crashed, reload, displace a little the meshes, try again

7 - If not, all intersection have been created, now you can delete away all the faces you don’t need.

Good luck


P.S. The smart way to do this is to draw your wall with the door cutted through from the beginning :slight_smile: