cutscene 2.46

hey does anyone know how to add cutscenes in blender game eengine 2.45 or 2.46 please mates direct me to a tutorial

how to add cutxcene in 2.45 or 2.46 and how to set a trigge?:spin:

what do you mean by adding a cutscene? I don’t really understand

I think he means pre-animated ones.

I think there’s a tutorial somewhere around here on playing avi files in the game engine.

You could try out the Video Texture Player. But if I remember correctly, (and correct me if I’m wrong) but the Video Texture Player only works on Windows. Another disadvantage is that it only works in 2.45 right now.

well, you can use a pre-recorded ipo if you dont need a render-quality cutscene

Your best bet is using animated IPOs to do the trick… but I’m not so sure…

IPO’s are only for real-time cut-scenes, which most next-gen games are doing now, anyway. Blender is capable of achieving excellent realtime graphics now, especially if you use a scene with no physics whatsoever (you can use higher-poly models than you would in the actual game.) This is also nice, because in realtime, you can have dynamic camera movement during the cut-scene. For the pre-rendered cut-scene, you should probably go with the method C-106 Delta described, or find a post-processing program with video support.

There’s also this tut. Never used it but it looks good

Yes, FMV-ed is really one of the simplest and most effective way to add cutscenes.
Essentially it just pause the game and play avi movie in fullscreen mode, then exist and resumes the game.

Here’s my in game cut scene example (if its still hosted or not)