cutscene export to standalone game

hi, i am newbie in blender and i just start to develop my game…
i want to add a video in my game and i have success to do that, but when i try to export to standalone it give me black view

anyone can help me??

sorry about my English

try this (by python) its easy :eyebrowlift: even by german
in descriptions u have script

If you load video in material interface probably it not be working in bge.

When you export it, you have to keep the video file and the game executable in the same relative place.
So if the video is in the same folder as the .blend, then it must also be in the same folder as the .exe

sdfgeoff: it works…
thank you everyone

for me it doesn’t work…

all paths relative; packed into .blend; video and audio in the same folder as the executable; … still have the black screen…

Check console. look for error messages.