Cutscene in Blender 2.7

Hey, does anyone know how to work a cutscene/ or a video in Blender 2.70 because when I start the game engine in 2.7, the screen is black, and when I start it in Blender 2.60, it works?
(Tutorial: )

Could you upload a .blend file? Usually when something like that happens the path to an external file is broken, have you run both times with the .blend file in the same directory?

Have the same problem here… my .blend file and the resources (videos and audio files) are in the same folder… when I hit P things work ok, but when exporting the game, no videos are shown…

any clues? (sorry, don’t know how to add the .blend file to the thread)

Did you put the file in the same directory as the exported game?

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files in same directory, yes.

I have discovered that the problem was when I exported the game via MacOS - - it works fine in windows, I mean, the videos appear properly in the game if I export via Windows…

But now I have another issue: my windows computer doesn’t have good graphics for the game and the game slows down frequently, while in MacOS computer it runs fine…
Do you know how should I export this same game with cutscenes via MacOS?