Cutscene question

So if there a cutscene during the game how can i disable all the controls so the characther does not move and play the animations i want ?

Hi Noob2Pro,

you should switch to a new scene. You can then set up this new scene with your cutscene movie or animation.
This is the normal way to go.
If it needs to be in your play scene, then you can set up a new global boolean variable which is labeled “pause” and checked for if any button is pressed. But this is only possible, if you use python of course - otherwise you’ll need to make such a function with logic bricks.

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There are two main ways of achieving this,
a)Switch scenes, the easiest and simplest method;
limitations: can’t resume from previous point (easily), slow to change scenes.
b.1)Use python modules (classes) to check if conditions are met before running scripts:

import GameLogic #for 2.5*
controller = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
owner = controller.owner

def walk():
    move = 1.0

if owner["canwalk"] == True:

b.2) You can acheive this in Logic Bricks, by using AND controllers, which have the relevant keyboard sensor AND a property sensor, which checks if “canwalk” is True.
For either b.1 or b.2 you change the property “canwalk” to toggle the ability to control / walk etc.

If all you need is a cinematic (ie, a pre-rendered video), then add an overlay scene and pause the previous scene. Then play the video (I’d recommend looking into VideoTexture+Audspace). Afterwards, you can unpause the previous scene and remove the overlay.

Darn, forgot that. Thanks Moguri

This doesn’t work if your character gains armor and new weapons along the game that need to be shown on the actual character model. So I would actually recommend just animating the character itself, bones and all…