Cutting a cube shape from egg shape -getting a sharp cut.

Okay so here is what I am looking for and I’m hitting a major roadblock.

-Take a smooth egg shape.
-using a boolean operator… cutout a cube shape.

Problem: On the edges where the cube makes the cut, you can see the smoothing operation mess up what should be a sharp edge.

The egg shell itself should remain smooth… the cutout shape remain sharp. The edges where the cut occurs should be sharp.

I understand if I click “apply” on the modifier I am cutting up the mesh.

Since I am never “applying” the boolean operation… is there a possible solution? ( the animator changes the shape of the cutout as needed -it’s a feature of the design )

I figure if I am not “applying” the operation -I have an opportunity to tell blender to render it differently?

…sub-surfing the model to death isn’t a realistic option.


Move whatever subsurf you have over the boolean. Add an edge split modifier on the bottom.

You’re never actually supposed to apply the modifiers unless you want to modify the mesh data for further manual editing.

I found a solution right in front of my nose. ( auto-smooth )… thought it did something completely different. Wouldn’t work in all scenarios… but for my purposes worked perfectly. I think your solution may prove useful down the road - I’m certain I’ll be at this again and auto-smooth wont be able to help… gonna give it shot.

Thank You.