Cutting a Cylinder Down to Size: How To?

I want to take a cylinder and cut it straight across the flat ends so that I have 2/3s of a cylinder with one flat side to it. How do I do this? The circular faces of the ends don’t accommodate doing this.

It seems that as soon as I post my problem, I find the solution on my own. Forgive me for asking such simple questions. Here’s what I did, for anyone else who’s as new to this as me…

Create a cylinder

  1. Highlight the side faces to remove, and use Delete>Faces in the Mesh Tool Chest.
  2. Highlight the vertices that define one of the circular end faces, and use Delete>Faces once again.
  3. Highlight the two free vertices that will be used segment off the flat edge of the one end and select Make Edge/Face in the Tool Chest.A new edge should appear.
  4. Select all the vertices on that end so that the area you want to create a new end face for is highlighted.
  5. Select Make Edge/Face in the Tool Chest. A new face should appear with a straight cut across the area you removed.
  6. Flip the cylinder and repeat steps 2 - 5.
  7. Add a face to cover the hole in the side by highlighting the appropriate vertices and selecting Make Edge/Face.