Cutting a hole into a plane...

What’s the best way to cut a hole into a plane, a kind of coin slot so to speak? :confused:

Options in edit mode:

  • Inset (I)
  • Knife tool (K)
  • Loop cut (Ctrl+R)

Yeah, with inset you could inset the face, scale it to the position you want a hole, then (E)xtrude that inwards.

Another idea is you make a separate plane object. Select that, followed by the object you’re inserting in, (with shift-click) then use Knife Project to use the shape of the first object to cut a hole in the second object.

FYI Blender geometry does not allow a face with a hole in it, so any method you choose will necessarily result in several faces surrounding the ‘hole’, even if they are all coplanar… if you know what I mean…