Cutting a labyrinth

Right so I have a project where I have to cut a labyrinth out of a patch of grass. I have managed to create grass using a tutorial posted on how to do it with particles.
I am wondering if there would be anyway of actually cutting this grass so as to form the labyrinth and even better if this cutting process could be animated.
If this cannot be done with particles is there possibly any other way to create the grass so it can be cut and animated?

If you are using Blender 2.46 then you can cut the particles in particle mode. Just click Set Editable in the particle tab and then go into particle mode and press N to bring up the particle sculpt tools.
Hope that helped.

Ok I just realised that wasn’t even necessary, I can subdivide the plane used to emit the particles into enough vertices to match the amount of pixels in my labyrinth and just go from there, now I’ve got another problem.

So I have a way of cutting my path but how can I animate this in a smart way? So I have 3 minutes of runtime for the labyrinth to be cut and I want to cut a certain amount of vertices between each frame but is there some way to delete vertices in an x-y system using some programming language?

The programming language to use is Python. Other than that, I don’t really have any experience using non BGE python.

ok I’ve fully realised what I need to do now, I have the following:
A plane which emits particles (which makes the grass)
A curve (or polygon) describing the labyrinth pattern
A cube following the curve.

Would it be possible to make it so that as the animation moves along the cube cuts the plane? Ie make duplicates of the cube that progresses with the animation and all these duplicates each cut the plane…

hmmm im thinking that if u use particle system to cut the particles and then animate that you could get this effect

Isn’t it easier just cutting the plane from which the particles emit? I’ve subdivided the plane into smaller planes and just removing vertices I get a good effect, now my problem is animating this, I’d like to use something following a curve to cut the plane otherwise I’d have to use python to create a program that removes vertices at each frame but that sounds a bit daunting