Cutting a mesh?

Hi I’ve already posted it but under another post so it’s likely unreaded.

Is there any way to cut a mesh following the edges of two faces? I am modelling a human face and I have it as a single object. I need to separate the lips in order to make the mouth. I tried with some subdivisions and erasing faces but the results aren’t quite good. I’ve also downloaded a phyton script called “knife tool” or something like that but I can’t make it work. I’m using Blender 2.37a. Any helps?

In Blender 2.40 there will be a mesh ripping tool, which is probably what you want:

You can download the alpha version from

Thanks.I’ve downloaded 2.40a version and tested the rip tool. It’s what I need but it only lets you work with quads and not with triangles which is the way I have my mesh. Any more ideas?

Also another question. I tried to make a .exe file saving the runtime but it shows a grey screen. Where could I find a tutorial of making stand-alone programs with blender? many thanks.

Select a row of faces, split them (Y), hide nonselected (shift H). Drag the vertices on the edge you want to open. Unhide (Alt H), remove doubles.

Thanks Jorge (o gracias porque supongo que seras español) it worked. It’s a tricky way of cutting but it makes it. I keep on thinking that a good “mesh cutting” tool would be needed. Maybe soon. Thanks again.

De nada (and wrong assumption, I am not Spanish).