Cutting a plane into 400 * 400 squares?

OK, I’m relatively new to blender, and am working on a game map for my engine. I need 400 * 400 metre maps, so it would make sense to subdivide the map into this. I have made the grid 1 metre as the smallest unit, but I have a problem. When I subdivide into 400, the vertexes are nowhere near the grid’s! What should I do?

why don’t you use the extrud in F9 to geernate your grid it will be as offset indicated
that you specified

Hoep it helps

You want to make a square with 400*400 edges, right? If so, with a square in edit mode type CTRL+R and crank the number of cuts up to 399 (400-1), in one direction, then click the middle mouse button (the wheel). Then do the same to the other direction, so that you end up with a grid.

The maximum number of cuts it lets me have is 99. If i type 39 then 9 it stays 39.

you could also try witht he array and remove doubles

that shold give you the 400 x 400

hoep ti helps

select the plane press ‘w’ -> ‘subdivide multi’ -> ‘99’, then ‘w’ -> ‘subdivide multi’ -> ‘3’

OK, rickyblender, I don’t know what you mean. Try spellcheck?
Morio: Well I can subdivide 99 times but the squares are much too small, then 3 more crashes blender.

OK, I’ve now made my plane 400 x 400 blender units. But how do I set the grid to blender units? So I can work in blender units (metres)?

EDIT: It’s ok now, I’ve fixed it. Thanks all though anyway.

with the array modifier the limit goes up to 1000
so should make it easier to use the array modifer to do what you want!

you do it first for X axis 400
then apply and then redo it for Y axis 400

and voila



Thanks, but it’s sorted now.