Cutting and Connecting

Hi -

I would like to be able to cut and connect two edges in a mesh.

The knife command will do this, but it also adds additional edges to make tri’s. Is there a way to just get the selected edges cut and not add the extra edges? [Ok, besides having only tris to begin with.]

Alternatively, if there was some way to add a vertex to an edge (better yet, add verticies to a multiple selection of edges) I could manual create the edge between them.

Pretty much a noob!

  • gromit

have you tried the mesh ripping tool in the recent cvs builds?

Thanks, Modron.

The mesh ripping looks like what I am talking about. I’m still trying to get up to speed with 2.37, so I may wait for 2.40 to be released to try this out.

Thanks for your response!

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