Cutting details onto a curved surface?

Hello all, I came across this tut on Newtek’s site, talking about adding details to a spaceship hull using LW’s stencil tool. THe interesting thing to me was that the tool can be used to project shapes onto a curved surface.

I have worked with Blender’s knife tool a bit, and it would seem to be the only tool available that might somehow approximate LW’s stencil. The problem is, the knife tool is imprecise when cutting across curved surfaces (hell, in my hands let’s just say it’s imprecise and leave it at that). And you cannot block out a series of cuts and make them all at once (in other words, you cannot pre-form a pattern and then etch it in).

Is there another tool or method in Blender that can roughly duplicate the technique shown in this tutorial?

I don’t know how either, but I saw that technique used to make an airplane canopy in LW and it would be so helpful if there was a way to do it in Blender.


You could give the following script a try:
or this one
the difference should be obvious from the filenames.

To see what it does, check the following images:

It has some bugs, so use it a your own risk.



That looks interesting, I’ll have to give it a try. Does it have a UI?