Cutting Edges in Two

Is there any way to divide and edge into two, the way you can in Wings 3D?

You mean something like subdivide or to make two same egdes? Don’t know how it is done in Wings

shift-k (knife tool) midpoints

If it’s only one edge you may want to simply subdivide it:

  • Select the edge
  • press [W]
  • Select SubdivideElse i suggest the loopcut [Ctrl]+[R] with the knife as mentioned above.

And if you are coming from Wings3D please note that blender does NOT support faces with more than 4 sides, so you will end up with quite some triangles if no loopcuts/knife-cuts are used. I strongly suggest reading the FAQ (Modeling) and the Manual. There are quite some tricks listed there that will help avoiding some beginner troubles :wink:


Speaking about the lack of n-gons (save tris and quads), when will they be implemented? Does anyone know?