cutting hole in circle?

Hey, whats the best way to cut a hole into a circular shape? i use the boolean tool but it leaves quite a mess. Is there a better way?

the retopo tool can take a while but it gives much better results.

i see, can you send me to a tutorial on the retopo tool?

I would suggest googling for a tutorial on retopo for version 2.49. I would also recommend using 2.49 for retopo operations, because it works better than current versions for that.

Oh goodness.

That is dubious advice.

The new retopo tool (Project Individual Elements) is in there.

I don’t think you really need any of that for cutting a hole in a circular shape, though – the shape is a plane so it doesn’t require anything fancy. The easiest way is to make the hole have the same number of verts and then simply bridge the outer and inner edge rings.

So as a side note I’d like to know what is better about 2.4x’s retopo than what we have now.


I am assuming that by circular shape he means a sphere.

well guys… here is a nice indirect way to do that but you would end up having a ring sort of a plane. Start up with a cylinder. Delete one of the ending circles (i mean all the vertices). This would leave you with a single circle. Select all the remaining vertices and extrude. DO NOT grab or rotate while extruding… only scale and make the extrusion bigger and as much as you want. Use the box tool to select the two middle vertices (you would actually seem to see one vertex but there are actually two because of the extrusion operation). Now, delete the selected middle vertices. Voila! You have your plane with a hole in it :wink: