Cutting holes inside the mesh

Have problem I’m using v2.46 and I’d like to achive this result:

First one is just extruded poly with two connected brezier circles inside. It’s works very well for flat object but I’d like to cut exact hole inside mesh like in second pic. I already tried boolean operation but I’m only getting some messed up meshes. Boolean works for me in v2.45. I dont know why is not working now.
What I whanto to do is to cut eliptic shape (or any shape) from mesh.

Can you show us what the curves look like in Edit mode without the Extrude?

One thing that seem to have a major effect on boolean operation is normals.
check them on both meshes and make sure they’re all pointing outward.
(from my humble noobish experience…)

Hope this helps.

For this one I dont wanna use curves. I’d like to stick with mesh because my hape will be more complex, like this:

This is what I did in 2.45. Absolutley no problem using boolean. In 2.46 couldn’t make that operation.

I have ask question about cutting holes in meshes becasue I couldnt use boolean. But question is still actual. Boolean makes an awful mess with meshes.

@Techie: Normals are facing outside.

This is what happen when I use boolean on may mesh in 2.46

The easiest way to cut holes without using booleans is to use retopo.
You basically project the shape (m1 in further discussion) you want to cut out onto the mesh you want to cut it out off (m2) with retopo. Then you join mesh m1 and m2. Now comes the laborouse part. You have to delete all vertices in m2 that overlap with m1. Then you connect the loose ends of m2 with m1 and you have the hole you wanted. This is easier with flat surfaces but works with irregular surfaces as well.
Be sure that the vertices match up and that you have enough or else it won’t work.

With your boolean do you have solid meshes?

I went the long way, and have something like this:

I still wonder if there is easier way of doing this (easier and faster)

Yes, meshes are solid. Normals facing outside. It’s working no problem on cube but with my shape makes lots of mess. Were do I find retopo?

Here is the link to the manual about retopo:
This should make everything clear.

Help very much that helps a lot.