Cutting holes into meshes?

Hey there everyone so I am trying to create a button and you know how most of them have the 4 round holes in them, I have no idea how to model that since I cannot Ctrl+R cut the big face in the middle. I was looking up tutorials how to cut holes into an object and I found one describing using Cylinder with Boolian modifier but that didn´t work out for me though.

Please let me know if you have any fast tricks how to get nice holes for the button!

Thanks and have a great day!


If you want a clean result you should get rid of that big ngon and manually add edgeloops where needed, then add circles and connect them.


Hey there, thanks for reply but I don´t get the knife project? Do I go to edit mode with the button, add a circle, place it where I want it and press knife project? And can normal knife be used? I´m trying to form a circle using normal knife but it doesnt seem to be working, or I have no idea how to cut that shape.

Hey Sourvinos, I am having trouble subdividing the middle face, how did u do it?

Here’s another way:

Hey Vicky, thanks for response, unfortunately I cannot do that as I have trouble subdividing the central face of my button.

Boolean Modifier is great tool, but your object should be “closed”. If there is no visible holes try to Mesh -> Clean Up -> Fill Holes (in Edit mode) or / and Remove doubles. I do not know how precisely holes should look, you can try also select center face and press “I” to insert faces inside.

Delete the ngon face of your mesh, then extrude inwards as many times as you need. If you need more loop cuts later, add more using Ctrl+R. To close the face, select the innermost ring, hit Alt+M > Middle

Thanks Vicky, I have the cuts now but by hitting W while having the faces selected in edit mode doesnt show me any loop tools or circle option.

You might have to enable them in the User Preferences

Where exactly should I look for the min User pref.?

Click on File -> User Preferences , on the window popping up, click on the Addons panel button on the top.
Mesh : Loop Tools is to be enabled in the Mesh category.

Additional tip : once you have enabled Loop Tools, click on the bottom of the User Prefs panel on “Save User Settings” so Loop Tools will always be enabled by default everytime you’ll launch Blender

@Sanctuary: Good call on the last part :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! Got it : )