Cutting holes , need some pointers

I made a curved mesh with holes cut into it, it doesn’t look right and i need to know why and the basic things to keep in mind when cutting holes. Does there need to be a certain number of loop cuts between holes? Did i mess up the edge flow? What would be the simplest workflow to recreate the mesh with perfect holes and can still be applied to other objects?

Messed up mesh and base mesh in file.


Circle.blend (562 KB)

Maybe something like this will shade better:

Slightly higher polycount though.


Yes, of course it’s about topology but it’s also about what method will you use to get the desired result.
I’ve modeled one example for you to see how it’s supposed to look. For these types of things it would be best IMO to use Boolean operators, there’s no explicit need for use of a second method in this case. Which would be the traditional perforated mesh plane with an array modifier unless that is the way you prefer doing things.

Note as the holes get smaller and larger in quantity it’s advisable to lower the resolution of the hole from 8 to 6 to 4 edges and even to three if it’s a must, but sometimes a simple normal map generated in image manipulation program would be also a good solution for these kind of things.

If you want me I could upload the .blend file for you to check it out and use it.


I see what i did wrong, thank you very much.

It’s more for practice and trying to form good habits. It would be nice if you could post it, i think i have it figured out but it’s always nice to have a reference to fall back on. Thank you for your help.

Here’s the fancy dandy file .blend