cutting holes

can anyone please help me with cutting a round hole in a mesh

for a round hole, first create a cylinder name it something you can remember, like ‘hole’
then place it where you would like the hole to be
oh the mesh that you want to make the cut in, go to the modifiers panel and add the boolean modifier
change the operation to difference, and in OB: type what you named the cylinder
first, before applying the modifier, go into wireframe mode, and make sure everything looks right because sometimes the boolean operation gets confused, if so, just change the operation until it looks “normal” then after applying the mod you’re done :slight_smile:
hope that helped :slight_smile:

Kravix, take a look at this thread. First image is a round hole in a flat mesh. The mesh is subsurfed, which is what makes the hole round. The rest of the thread is about making square holes in subsurfed surfaces, a much trickier proposition. Greybeard has an elegant solution, and he even made up a video tut to show how it’s done.

Yeah, the boolean modifier isn’t that great if you’re using a mesh any more complex than a cube.

There’s a couple of things you can do, but I find this to be the easiest way to get a hole in a mesh:

Extrude a face and scale it to the size of the circle you want. Extrude it downwards again, but don’t scale it. Here’s an example with a cube. The same thing can be applied to more complex geometry (might be a good idea to use space->add circle if there’s lots of crooked verts you don’t feel like lining up)

Note: I prevented the cube from becoming round while subsurfed by adding loop cuts (CTRL+R) to the edges. This is great for hard-surface modeling.