cutting holes

I might of asked this before, but I lost most of my notes due to formatting…I have a model with material color already on it, and it as mirrored, I applied the mirror afterwards. Now when I want to cut a hole wth a cylinder, I get this weird colors all over the model, I only had mirrored applied on it and not bones?

Weird colors… Cut a hole… How? When? What? Could you be a little more vague?

Seriously, a little picture would have helped. Any way, I surmised that you get artifacts around a hole cut by the Boolean modifier.

That’s perfectly normal because the Boolean modifier often create a lot of triangles which don’t go well with the smooth shading. There are better ways to punch round holes in anything… but if you insist on using the Boolean modifier, you’ll have to fix all those triangles by hand. Any way, you should increase the density of your mesh around the intersection to have more “material” to work with so that the Boolean modifier doesn’t create triangles across the whole mesh. That will improve things a bit but you’ll still have a lot of work with a bunch of tiny triangles.

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