Cutting objects in a grid?


I’m wondering what tool i need to use to cut my object in line with a reference grid have created underneath.

I need to slice it up into the parts for rendering with my camera as my game engine uses tile based graphics. How would i do this?

See image to see what i mean.

Whats the simplest method for me to do this ?


I can’t find a rule about if we can bump or not ? But thought i’d bump as i ended up on the second page. Also waited 24 hours.

I can’t think of any easy way to chop up a mesh like that. The first thing that pops to mind is using the boolean modifier, one grid square at a time (it’s symmetric, so you could just do a quarter of it and mirror it from there). That’s tedious though, and will result in lots of triangulation where it cuts. Ideally your game engine would just use the entire mesh as a whole. Another option, if your game engine supports bump mapping, you could bake a normal map of the the tracks onto a flat plane, then cut up the bump map from there.

I’m not sure how my game could use the entire mesh if its a 2D isometric tile based game?

Simply because it would not line with the grid of the game. So im a little confused how other isometric based games do this.

I tried boolean by the way and it was well dodgy it didn’t work for me as you mentioned with the cuts. It messed it right up.

Other isometric games probably have a size parameter for handling larger objects. In your image above, the circular track would be an 8x8 object.

Hmm i thought this too but there is a small issue …

Unless i can find a way to center the camera perferectly for each track piece they won’t line up - the current method i have to do it move the camera and just judge it with my eyes which is a pain cos they ever so slightly never line up correctly =/