Cutting objects

So,like you already know,im a noob at 3d modelling.
I want to know:
Say i have 2 models.I have to make them 1.But some parts of the 1st object will be inside the 2nd one.Is there a quick way i can delete that part which i don’t need?(without editing each mesh?)

would be to use the boolean operator


Uh,how do i use that?It says ‘please select 2 meshes’(every operation),in object mode.And all i can do is press ok.

in object mode, right-click (rmb) on the first mesh and shift-rmb on the second, then press W and select the boolean operation desired.

if you are trying to cut one object based on another and if you really want to use a boolean operation for that, then what you are looking for is the “difference” operation.

I use the Modifiers panel,add Boolean opertaion,select 1st object,then 2nd,and want to apply but it says ‘Modifier is disabled or returned an error,skipping apply’.I know im doing something stupid,please help.

tyou can also simply join the 2 objects with Ctrl-J

if this can help you


ah, ok. you can get the same result using the modifier as you can with the “w” key, but the workflow is a bit different.

to use the modifier the way you are using, you select the first object, add the modifier like you did and enter the name of the other object in the text box under the boolean modifier name, then hit apply.

another way of seeing the same result is selecting both objects, hitting “w” and selecting “add difference modifier”. that will add the difference boolean modifier and pre-enter the name of the second object for you.

delete me.

Hmm,ok it worked! :smiley: .Thanks guys!!

which one of the 3 ways did you try? also, do the 2 objects have intersecting faces?

cool! disregard my previous post, then! :slight_smile:

I did use the wrong one at first,lol.
I tried this with 3 cones and a cylinder(to make a cartoonish christmas tree).Just a stupid example.
Anyway,just what i needed.