Cutting off a part of a object and saving it as a seperate mesh. Can I do that?

Basically what I’m after is this.

How do I cut off a piece of a larger object, and save that as a seperate object.

In Edit Mode, select the part of the object you want to separate, then press P and choose “Selected” , go in Object Mode and you can now select this part as a separated object.

can I save it as a seperate .Blend file as well?

So many ways to skin this cat, but I think your method is by far the simplest. I always duplicated the object and cut off the excess for the longest time till learning this. :slight_smile:

If you wish to save as a seperate file just delete one or the other of the objects, then save. then ctrl z and then repeat for other part.

okay, so far so good.

How do I add it to a active file? I’m making a pistol and just need to add a trigger, hence the seperate part I just saved.