Cutting off parts of the mesh


I want to animate a knife cutting off parts of a block and I have literally no idea what to do. I even couldnt find anything with google or on any tutorial pages I know :frowning:

Can anyone give me a hint?


a couple ways:
a: make a softbody for it. Look that up.
b: Subdivide it in edit mode, make hooks and delete the hooks when nessecary.
c:sculpt mode

just some basic ways, A is the easiest and cleanest in my opinion.

Um…if I have a softbody, I can cutt off things? What happens to them?

I have a solid plastic block and need to cut it into a pyramid…

I dont want to model it, but to animate the cutting as a tutorial for scientific methods.

Bump because I would like to know as well. Been looking for ages and still nothing.