Cutting only selected vertices


Is their a way of only cutting only selected vertices? I have been modelling a head, where i have been adding knife cuts to the front of the mesh (the face) but these also effect the back of the mesh (back of head) eventhough they are not selected. I have tried hiding the non-slected vertices but this doesnt seem to work?

i’m using the latest CVS of BF Blender with face, edge select etc


It works for me. I put a uv sphere, select 2 rows of verts in the front only, shift K and cut. Knife cut doesn’t cut the ones behind. Something else must be going on.

could it be BF Blender?

I’m using the latest BF blender. Maybe send me your .blend file? There must be something fishy there.

silly me, i don’t think i was doing it correctly, thanks for the help