Cutting out holes...

Panic :o ! Real panic :o ! I seen the sample of Chrome reflections. Did you see that wholes on the screenshots? How did he made it? Maybe is some posibility to set, for examle, one object as positive, other as negative, and than cut out hole that looks like a negative object? Guys ! Maybe someone knows! Just tel me about it…

Make one object. Then make another to cut out stuff from the first object.
The select the two objects. Join them together (ctrl-j). Then go into edit-mode (tab). Select all vertices (a), go to the edit-buttons (shift-f9 i think) there click on intersect.

Normally this should work. If it doesn’t…bad luck. The intersect tool in blender isn’t very stable.

Yes intersect can give pretty strange results and messy meshes. I usually make the outline of the whole, delete the faces it should be in and then make new faces. I know this takes some time, but the result is often better and the mesh you get is cleaner and easier to work with.

  1. pofo

Ok, slowly, hard, I dont care! :smiley: once again and slowly, about that outline stuff!