Cutting 'Outline' of Mesh?

I’m trying to create a steel cube, in which a humanoid monster has escaped the thick steel. I want to create a type of ‘Wile E. Coyote’ body imprint into the side of the cube, and then rip the metal outwards to show that it has broken through.

I couldn’t find a way to use the mesh to cut a hole into the cube correctly using boolean, so I made an outline of the creature and want to know the best way to connect it to the rest of the cube.

As shown in the picture, I need to connect the model outline to the rest of the cube, but I can’t seem to accomplish this in a organized manner. Ideas?

since it’s flat, a standard fill or n-gon should be sufficient. just select the edges to be filled and hit F

You might want to retry the boolean modifier, but subdivide your mesh several times first. :slight_smile: Otherwise you could also try to export an .svg full the background in inkscape and import the .svg file as path. This will return a mesh made up of curves, which can be converted into vertices. Just an alternative. :slight_smile: