cutting problems

I am generally new to blender and i am attempting to model a persons head. its all going well but when i try to cut around the eye sockets it doesnt leave any sort of line. all it does is create a bunch of random triangles. Am i doing something wrong, if anyone knows please help me out. Thanks!


welcome aboard!

I beleive you have a wrong understanding of how the Knife tool works. Here’s a link to the documentation:

In your case, perhaps you have the wrong edges selected, or you didn’t switched from “Exact” to “Midpoint” accordingly.

Hope this helps,


yeah i think i do have it all wrong. (i hate being a noob). but can anyone tell me how i would make insersions to make a simple eye shape, it would be greatly appreciated.

theres a decent face modelling tutorial on here somewhere ill see if i can turn it up :slight_smile:

You have to love google desktop, i found this so fast. Here is the tread on face modelling.

Read it till you find a link to the adriana video. You can get there reference pictures he uses from, where there’s yet another head modelling tut, but not for blender.

Good luck and be sure to post your work.