Cutting UV:s in UV-editor?

I’m creating an armor for a game-character. But during the rework from highpoly to lowpoly the UVmap got a bit messed up. The UV:s has been merged in the wrong way in the UV-editor for the normal_map to work. Im wondering if there is a way to cut/seperate/unweld or something equivalent to the “knife-tool” or “rip (pressing: V)” in “edit mode” UV:s in the UV-editor and if there is how to use it?

i think if you go into face mode in the UV editor, you should be able to separate pieces by selecting and grabbing.

Not just by grabbing… You must also create a new island with [Y] to separate the selected faces. Then you go back to vertex/edge mode of the UV Editor to keep selected only what you actually want to move. Overlapping vertices will re-join themselves automatically after a while.

There is also a rip function, [V] like with meshes, but I must say that I haven’t understood how it works yet.