cutting windows in a fuselage

i’ve a airplane fuselage mesh/object and another with the windows geometry. See the pic. Now how to cut the windows out of the fuselage? Best would be with preserving the textures of the fuselage.
Many thanks

You could use the “cookie cutter” script in 2.49b or the boolean modifier (“difference” mode). The best method would depend on your workflow, whether or not you’re using subsurf and such.

Can you please post a screen-shot of the side view in wire-frame. I ran into similar issue quite some time back, where creating windows (by inserting loop cuts and deleting the required faces) on the fuselage would create ugly artifact.

The main reason behind such issue was that my base model was not high poly.

Finally, I could resolve it by applying applying Multires and adding Subsurf Modifier (level 2).

But, still the finished result is not satisfactory (have a look at the number of vertices it shoot up to!)

Is there any better solution/suggestion without increasing the poly-count by such high amount? I’ve had to left this project unfinished (may be I presume, bMesh would come handy in these kind of situation).

how about using an alpha UV map for the windows along with transparency