Okay, say I want to cut three holes in a plane, how would I do that?
(Once again, I’m not a newbie)

Use Curves, or on a Mesh add Circles and build them in.


Wait, what I am doing, I’m creating a tail wing for a ‘Space Drag Racer’ and I need to cut round holes in a sort of I-Beam that is supporting the wing. How would I do that?

Delete faces where you want the holes, add Mesh Circles (with similar resolution) where the faces are missing, Ctrl-J and build faces between existing edges and those of the circles.


also boolean methods work…
check the blender manual

I don’t want to be mean, but booleans have extremely poor quality.

you mean when it tries to fill in all the spaces with those zigzaged triangles,i noticed that

This is the method I’d use (not sure if it’s easiest way, but it’s quite quick):

  1. Create plane

  2. Subdivide plane twice (w key -> subdivide multi -> 2 cuts) or if making more than one hole, make three edge loops per hole (ctrl+r).

  3. Select these four vertices with right mouse click.

  4. Press S, scale them inwards as shown.

  5. Select these four faces in face select mode, press delete key, delete the faces.

  6. Subdivide mesh to get round hole.

Booleans work just fine as long as you remove doubles from both meshes first. And they’re even better if you decimate your meshes first. I built an octagonal lugnut for a friend yesterday which has aproximately 12 internal threads, each thread spiral contains 20 rotational steps and the whole boolean operation took all of three or four seconds to complete. Granted, I had to remove about 10 unwanted faces and fill 3 holes, but the whole process took less than 10 minutes and that included reading the help file on using the screw tool. I did this in version 2.4.

Yeah, Booleans under blender do work ok (improved recently if I remember correctly), but it’s not just the speed of using booleans which makes people avoid them. There are a few reasons they’re not generally used by people modelling:

-Booleans produce lots of triangles. If you’re looking to animate/subdivide a mesh, quads are needed to do so successfully. So you’ll have to spend time reconverting all tri’s to quad’s, and in a complex mesh, it can take ages.

-People regard it as a less skilled way of creating something. It’s also a way beginners (and I myself did this) turn to of modelling, of creating holes in something rather than modelling it properly.

-Booleans make it harder to texture, especially using UV texturing, as trying to unwrap a messy tri-filled mesh is a harder task.

Hi aquaglow.

Neat trick. Thanks for sharing.

Nice trick.



Glad it’s useful. :slight_smile:

Should Step 6 say “Subsurface” and not “Subdivide”?