CV-22 osprey

I dunno if anyone really pays much attention to other members of the board, but I have posted like… 1 other piece of artwork on these forums. This is mainly because I only want to post up stuff that I think is shit hot. Well, this isn’t one of those, I wish it was. I have been working on this to put it into a Left 4 Dead custom map for… too long. It’s driving me mental. So I finished off enough of it to put it into the game, but I know that it is not done. And worst of all, there is a mdoel of the same plane on gameartists.[something] that kicks the ass out of this one, so it shames me to call this done. I learned a fair bit while doing this, which I guess is a good thing since I didn’t get much satisfaction out of it :no: I have gone blenderblind now, so all the little mistakes that are glaringly obvious to others just drop out of my view.

So I put it to the focussed critique forums. The forums were far too supportive, only a few members told it like it was (my name on there is stormy, if you wanna check out other models I have made for left4dead) and I know I can rely on the focussed critique forums to give it to me straight.

I know it is mediocre, I am using one 2048* map and one 1024* map for the uv map and what I am looking for, rather than comments on how bad or good it is, is advice on how to use the higher res texture maps better. I have only used 512 and below until this model, I was modelling for some very low end game engines. I want to add enough detail so that it looks more interesting, but not so much detail that it blows the eyeball out of it’s socket.


also, my thread on has progressive shots.

I want to call it finished, but I really want to see what other modellers have to say first, there could be something staring me in the face that would turn it from a mediocre model to a top notch model.

Help me elysiun dot org, you’re my only hope

Well, I would recommend add a subsurf modifier to it, just make sure that subsurf UV is turned on. Also once the modifier has been added, you will probably want to adjust the edge creasing.

for a very-low-poly background model I think it looks great. It might be accurate(I don’t know) but the bump in the top of the tail fins looks funky and would be noticeable even in the distant background while shooting dudes in the face:evilgrin:. Thats all I have for crits/suggestions. Looks damn nice to me.

It does look good. I’d apply a normal map to get some bump around the door and window frames and panel lines. Don’t go overboard, keep it subtle. Then I’d address a few points. The machinery in the wing thats visible when the rotors are up looks strange. I’d do something with that. The bottom of the door needs a hinge.

Also, their is some UV stretching going on around the windows.

Apart from that it looks good. Wires? How many polys?

It really looks very good, but the textures could probably use the most work. I would bake some AO into the model. Add a very subtle dirt mask over the entire thing to make it not so uniform. The grit on the bottom texture doesn’t look very realistic to me at all. Too defined. Smudge that out and make it much more subtle. Same with the greenish smudges under the wings. On the wing tips that are visible when the rotors are up, I’d indent that whole area a little to make it look like there’s some depth there, even if it isn’t accurate to the real plane.

Other than that, a few more polys on the wheels and nose would be good.

And maybe most of all, give it some better lighting, because the current lighting just isn’t doing the model justice.

Hope that helps, and with all those little things said, the model still looks great.