[CVS] mesh modifier: displace

I love it!

(click download at the left side)

I fail to see what’s different about this test then if you did it using the displacement channel in the materials.

You do see the deformation in edit mode!
And you can do more than shown in this video. I think it’s better do do such things with a modifier, than with a material. (almost like vertex shader Vs. fragment shader)

I mean the rendering, doing the same thing with the displacement channel would give pretty much the same results in this case. One could successfully recreate that in 2.42.

Icoxo, you do realise this is the test forum? Stop bitching.

Panzi, funky. Make it chrome and put it on a checkerboard floor :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait! Make it an HDRI test!
There’s never enough of those!

Yes, this is also possible without the modifier, but as said bevore, with the modifier you can see the deformation in blender!

watch the anim