cvs softbodies test

Hi there :slight_smile:

Here is a quick video to test the new softbodies in CVS : (1.2MB)

Self-collision system is activated, so as the air resistance function :D.
Self-collision works really great, but it’s still very long to bake :rolleyes:.


Here is a low quality version on youtube :

OOhhhh that looks good…I don’t know why, but the thought of silk slipping off of a gorgeous young wom…anyway back to Blendin:o


At least if we don’t have cloth we get better softbodies:)

Nice work on testing.


The silk is the easy part. Gorgeous cg women are hard to come by, especially on this forum. :rolleyes:

that’s awesome. mind sharing the .blend?

No problem, here is the blend file :

Just be sure to have the last CVS buld to work ;).

thanks. i want to try baking it at a higher res.

i want to try baking it at a higher res.

First I was modeled the plane with one more level od subdivision. But I’ve cancelled this, because of the very long time it takes to bake when it’s too subdivided with self-collision activated :).


Has anyone had any success making clothes with softbody (ie just fitting clothes naturally - not to simulate motion)? Self-collision used to be a royal pain.


I was wondering the same thing because the cloth seems to have a bouncy effect with collision so I’m wondering if it will be able to settle, and I haven’t seen any demo of a loose tshirt for example